Our programs help leaders communicate and lead from their best and most empowered selves.

This foundational shift towards empowerment is the cornerstone of all that we do.


When Karen worked with our team, she did something so much better than simply giving us answers.  She created a rich and meaningful experience by serving as our guide on a powerful journey.  With her heartfelt compassion, thoughtful questions and supportive observations, she helped us discover the answers within ourselves – and it felt AMAZING!   Thanks to Karen, we feel empowered by our own unique gifts and cannot wait to share them with the world!

                                                                                   Bonnie Delehoy, Public Affairs Manager, Disney


Leadership Communication


Executive Presence:  how to speak so people listen

Leadership Presence:  how to lead so people follow

Presentation Skills:  advanced skills in making formal or informal presentations

Media Skills:  advanced skills in handling media and analyst interviews

Influencing Skills:  motivating others to accomplish a common goal

Leadership Branding:  leveraging your personal leadership brand to increase or manage visibility with key audiences


For Women Leaders


Women leaders walk the knife’s edge between being too powerful (i.e. threatening) and not powerful enough.  How can women leaders be powerful, successful and feminine, all at the same time?  I’m passionate about this topic!

All of the above programs can be tailored to address the specific opportunities and challenges that women leaders face.


Learning Design


Teaching Skills for Professors and Teachers:  designing and delivering programs that engage and empower learners

Train-the-Trainer:  designing and delivering corporate programs that engage and empower employees

UnLearning:  letting go of what no longer serves so that new learning can be effective