Give Voice to Your Leadership

For over twenty years I have been a partner and catalyst for leaders answering a call to become visionary change agents.  

Professional communicators know that to persuade audiences, it’s important to think about the message and to practice the delivery.  But even more important than these steps is an invisible, foundational shift that leaders must make if we want to inspire and motivate.

We must have the courage to speak with passion about the things that matter most to us.

We must step into our power and be open to the vulnerability that comes from standing up and being seen.  If we are asking others to give their best, we must show up that way ourselves.  If we are inviting enthusiastic support, we must be in touch with our own enthusiasm.  Any incongruence will be glaringly obvious.

This high bar is both demanding and exhilarating.

What seems like a simple presentation or a routine interview can actually be an exercise in rigorous authenticity.  

Small communication tasks can catapult leaders into thrilling opportunities for growth.

It’s in making this shift towards authenticity and empowerment that I can be most helpful to leaders as they claim their voice.